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Journey Into The Word is a Multicultural Non-Denominational Evangelistic Ministry lead by the ordained JP Olson. Our core mission is Preaching, Teaching, and Impacting the Nations With The Word Of God in accomplishing the mission of Jesus




Spiritual Maturity Is For Everyone

Encounter Christ In Worship & Grow Relationships

The Word of God is our Focus, and everybody is somebody.John 17:17. Every missing lamb matters. If you know people who have wandered off from God’s truth, don’t write them off, go after them, get them back.

Read Luke 15:4-10. God’s Word is unlike any other book. As believers, we are instructed to study the Bible and meditate upon its meaning for our lives.


Journey Into The Word

Simply stated, our ministry wouldn’t exist without the faithful giving of our monthly partners and people like you.

When you sow a seed into JITW Ministry, you are never just a mere contributor who is expected to give us your money, but rather, you enter into a partnership with this ministry which gives me the privilege to ”be YOUR partner” in the Lord.
Showing You the Way

Preaching to the Unsaved, teaching to Serve


Journey Into The Word Ministry is commissioned to reach the local and global community with the Word of God, helping them to discover and embrace the love of God through evangelism and discipleship, thus empowering them to lead lives transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Journey Into The Word is a Multi-cultural, Non-denominational Evangelistic Ministry. Our Core Mission is Preaching, Teaching and Impacting the Nations With The Word of God in Accomplishing the Mission of Jesus. God’s Guidance Never Fails.