Recent Research reveals that only 23% of millennials believe that Scripture is truly the Word of God. Another 26% have adopted a liberal interpretation of Scripture by believing that it may contain some of the Word of God but should not be taken literally. In short, less than half of the next generation have any respect for the text of Scripture and only a small minority of that group believe that it is authoritative. We are bringing the Bible Study to you. We will meet you just where you are, whether you are in the comfort of your home, at a restaurant, a game, shopping, grocery store or driving. Our weekly Bible Studies are designed for your convenience where you can call in on the conference line and listen to the Bible Study as it is being taught by one of our notable teachers and Bible scholars.

You can request a recording/copy of the Tuesday Bible Study. All Bible Study teachings are recorded. Send us an email at jpolson@thewordwithjpolson.com  requesting a copy and you will receive your recording link via email or text message.

Bible Study

Tuesday: 7:00 -8:00 P.M. Call Toll-Free # 302-202-1106, Access code 738510. CST